Monday, 19 March 2012

Lazy shapes ...


I've been very bad on the ol' blogging front. The wedding preperations, on top of a busy job, are consuming every spare waking hour. I've been snapping things along the way, just never getting around to actually putting finger to keyboard. So here we go, the first of 3 new posts.

I'm still a baby blogger, but the effects of appreciating my appearance through blogging and connecting with other people on the same wave length has already affected the way that I shop. Friends and family have commented on the way that my confidence has grown. I'm trying new things and enjoying the journey ...

I've always liked the crazy legging trend and was gutted that I missed out on the Anna Scholz leggings of last season. The below purchases helped to ease the grief somewhat ...

Leggings & long hoody - Yours
Boots - Evans (I have to have my shoes amended as I have a wonky leg so these boots feature in most entries - there's a whole other blog post worth of chat about that style issue!)
Necklace - the amazing Kate Moross
Nails - OPI (I'll check the shade)

This is a great lounging outfit and makes me feel quite, dare I say it, 'trendy'. In a kewl kids kind of way, not in a 'mom, stop borrowing my clothes' kinda way.

That's all from me for now. More on the way!!!

Sozage Love xx

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