Monday, 19 March 2012

Plus North!!

 How excited was I when tickets went on sale for Plus North? VERY is the answer. I've purchased two tickets, one for myself and one for my sister. We'll be booking our hotel room and travel asap and I CANNOT wait to meet some of the people who I've 'met' on Twitter and blogging. I've even offered to help on the catwalk should they need more people - who am I?! The new and improved, more confident Sozage, THAT'S WHO!

Grab your tickets soon as I'm sure it will be the hottest ticket in town.

See you there I hope!
Sozage x

Info from the website:

All aboard the bird print wagon ...

I've never been a girly girl or interested in overly  feminine prints and would never of tried a dress like this before, but having read so many wonderful blogs about prints like this ('the' New Look dress for example) I couldn't resist trying on this dress from Evans. I whole heartedly entered the changing rooms thinking 'I'm going to try this dress on, take pictures of how awful it looks on me and blog about how I KNEW it wouldn't suit me'. *hangs head in shame* I BLOODY LOVE IT.

I think it's a little overpriced but because the dress sits so well and feels so flattering I couldn't resist it. And I think Evans probably know that too. How I wish they would drop their prices to match the likes of other high street retailers and also bring in more 'designed by' ranges like Beth's.

Anyway, for all of the faults I cannot help but adore this dress and have already worn it to death:

This outfit looks really cute with a colourful spring scarf and a denim jacket. The necklace is just junk shop finest ...

Now all I need is some daffodils in my hair and a spring lamb under my arm. Hoorahh for spring!!!

Sozage Love xxx

Black at Heart

It's no good. There's nothing I can do about it. I just LOVE wearing black. I do stray into the world of colour from time to time but there is nothing better, for me, than a great simple black number that can then be dressed up with accessories/hair/make up etc. I work in the arts and so black clothing is an easy win at work too.

I picked up this little number from the H&M+ plus size range. I think it was £15 - BARGAIN!!

I like the simplicity of this dress and the external zip detail at the neckline on the back of the dress. I think I could of sized down easily as the dress does come up a little baggy. I might get one in the size below so that I have the options available. H&M items get snapped up so quickly. The necklace was a gift from my lovely friend Rebecca and the nails are mac (Festive Finery). I'm SO impressed by mac nail polish. I applied two coats and it lasts and lasts. Slight scuffing at the top of the nail due to housework etc but by far the longest lasting polish I've found in many a moon. It comes off really easily too. Win!

Loving shopping and enjoying my shape. Words I never thought I would ever string together  ...

Big Love x

Lazy shapes ...


I've been very bad on the ol' blogging front. The wedding preperations, on top of a busy job, are consuming every spare waking hour. I've been snapping things along the way, just never getting around to actually putting finger to keyboard. So here we go, the first of 3 new posts.

I'm still a baby blogger, but the effects of appreciating my appearance through blogging and connecting with other people on the same wave length has already affected the way that I shop. Friends and family have commented on the way that my confidence has grown. I'm trying new things and enjoying the journey ...

I've always liked the crazy legging trend and was gutted that I missed out on the Anna Scholz leggings of last season. The below purchases helped to ease the grief somewhat ...

Leggings & long hoody - Yours
Boots - Evans (I have to have my shoes amended as I have a wonky leg so these boots feature in most entries - there's a whole other blog post worth of chat about that style issue!)
Necklace - the amazing Kate Moross
Nails - OPI (I'll check the shade)

This is a great lounging outfit and makes me feel quite, dare I say it, 'trendy'. In a kewl kids kind of way, not in a 'mom, stop borrowing my clothes' kinda way.

That's all from me for now. More on the way!!!

Sozage Love xx