Monday, 19 March 2012

All aboard the bird print wagon ...

I've never been a girly girl or interested in overly  feminine prints and would never of tried a dress like this before, but having read so many wonderful blogs about prints like this ('the' New Look dress for example) I couldn't resist trying on this dress from Evans. I whole heartedly entered the changing rooms thinking 'I'm going to try this dress on, take pictures of how awful it looks on me and blog about how I KNEW it wouldn't suit me'. *hangs head in shame* I BLOODY LOVE IT.

I think it's a little overpriced but because the dress sits so well and feels so flattering I couldn't resist it. And I think Evans probably know that too. How I wish they would drop their prices to match the likes of other high street retailers and also bring in more 'designed by' ranges like Beth's.

Anyway, for all of the faults I cannot help but adore this dress and have already worn it to death:

This outfit looks really cute with a colourful spring scarf and a denim jacket. The necklace is just junk shop finest ...

Now all I need is some daffodils in my hair and a spring lamb under my arm. Hoorahh for spring!!!

Sozage Love xxx


  1. Lovely dress and it looks great on you too! I love bird print, I bought a swallow print dress from Matalan last year and I love it, one of my favs in my wardrobe!

    1. Yep - I'm an animal print convert. But now I want some crazy versions. What other plus size prints are out there?