Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What a big old empty space ...

OK. So I don’t know exactly what I’m going to fill this up with. The blogging seed was planted a few weeks ago when I desperately needed some chub fashion advice (re: weddings). Having had no luck on the high street (yes, there were tears) and getting bewildered by online suppliers (I really don’t like mail order – I need to know how it will fit) I turned to Twitter for advice and came upon the likes of Emma aka Boombands http://boombands.blogspot.com/ , Claire of http://amonkeyfatshionista.wordpress.com/  and http://theramblingsofmrsbebe.blogspot.com/. It’s like someone has turned the lights on.

To any well established blogging addicts it will sound so naïve and foolish, but it really never did cross my mind that chub fashion would be something that people were blogging about. The biggest revelation to me is that these blogs have not a hint of negativity regarding the options available or poor body image – they simply rave about what is out there, trying new styles, being comfortable and confident with *ahem* ‘what your momma gave you’!

These ladies are sexy, stylish, vibrant, confident, inspiring, kind, helpful, witty, enthusiastic, beautiful and curvy. This weight has lifted from my shoulders and is something that I should work to my advantage. 

I doubt that there will be hoards of followers for this blog. I see it as somewhere I can collect my thoughts and observations, share in the odd killer outfit and other bits and bobs. I’d love to compile a list of all of the places where curvier girls can find new threads whether that be on the high street or via mail order, in the UK or further a field. 

Please excuse any grammatical flaws (I typed ‘floors’ initially – oi oi oi my brain) - not by strong point!
I’ll post again soon, and I’ll start taking pictures of what I wear. I’m so used to only taking pictures of my head and shoulders, from a high and forgiving angle, that this may take some getting used to.

Finally, for now, a big THANK YOU to all the Twitter folks who I’ve been following lately and all of the amazing blogs that I’m still trying to latch on to. Please feel free to recommend more people to me.

Sozage x

Here are two pictures of me from recent times to get the ball rolling: